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Taking care of your Jewellery

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  •  16 May 2018
  •   Jewellery
Store Jewellery separately

Different gemstones have different levels of hardness and can easily scratch or knock each other if stored together. Store jewellery in soft-lined boxes and take care to close any fastenings so items don’t tangle.

While storing, jewellery should not come in contact direct sunlight, damp, and extreme heat or cold. Try to keep the boxes and packaging that it comes in, as it is the easiest and often the best way to protect it from dust and damage. Silica gel packs absorb moisture and sulphur in the air that can cause jewellery to lose its shine.

Wrapping gold, silver, precious and semi-precious items in acid-free tissue or cotton can save them from moisture.

Take Care with Cosmetics

Apply makeup and hairspray first so they don’t contaminate your jewels. Keep your accessories away from water and other chemical agents to avoid discolouration and tarnishing. Soap, cosmetics, cooking grease, and natural skin oils can dull any jewellery and should be avoided.

Wear with Care

When your hair is being styled, remove earrings so they don’t tangle with combs or brushes. If you’re having hair coloured, take off pearl earrings or necklaces as the chemicals can cause discolouration. Remove rings and bangles at the manicurist.

Be especially careful to remove jewellery before doing any manual work – including housework – as it can be damaged by knocks and household cleaners. Diamond rings in particular may be chipped by a hard blow.

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